Hay Pellet Maker Machine Is Indispensable For Your Farms

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Why Your Small Farm Need Hay Pellet Maker Machine?

original hay

In recent years, more and more farmers start to use hay pellet maker machine process hay into hay pellets to feed cattle and sheep. Why they abandon the original feeding methods of feeding hay to domestic animals directly, but instead use hay pellet maker machine processing the feed? We should analysis the reason from hay firstly.

Original Hay Feed Domestic Animals

original hay feed domestic animals

Original hay feed mainly include grass and other herbaceous plant, dried, compressed and stored as animal feed. Hay feed suitable for herbivores like cattle, horse and sheep, etc. Traditional way hay will generally be bundled and compressed into bales, easy to store stacking. Although after a certain degree of compression, but the degree of compression is very small, also need a lot of storage space. General farm will be rolled into a roll of hay, if the internal fodder water is too high, likely to cause moldy deterioration, etc., easy to breed bacteria parasites, livestock consumption will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Hay inside of the bales can keep a certain moisture, but the outside with time going by will become dry and moisture free, and then taste bad, livestock naturally do not like to eat.

Hay Pellet Maker Machine Makes Feed Better

hay pellet maker machine makes feed better

Use hay pellet maker machine make animal feed pellets, not only the size of the feed is further reduced, but also the storage of pellet feed is not limited by the conditions of the site, season and climate. In addition, the hay pellet maker machine also has the following advantages:

  • The hay pellet maker machine produces high temperature during operation, which can effectively kill parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms in the hay, and make the feed more clean and sanitary.
  • Because of the high temperature in the process of granulation, the feed is cooked, the feed is more fragrant, the livestock prefer to eat, and the feed is also easier to digest.
  • According to the growth of livestock, add nutrients or drugs, the particle production process can make the ingredients evenly mixed with the feed made into particles.

More material cases, you can click here(Pine Homemade Pellet Mill Successful Delivery To Armenia Customer).

ZLSP-D 300B Hay Pellet Maker Machine are Recommended for Small Farms

ZLSP-D-300B hay pellet maker machine

ZLSP-D 300B hay pellet maker machine is driven by the electromotor, D-Type pellet mill, the appearance is small and simple, suitable for making feed, and the output can reach 250-400kg/h. hay pellet maker machine is indispensable for your small scale farms. If you need large scale hay pellet making, we recommended for you moveable biomass pellet mill plant.

More models hay pellet maker machine to choose:

  1. Diesel Feed Pellet Maker Machine
  2. Pto Feed Pellet Maker Machine
  3. Gasoline Feed Pellet Maker Machine

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