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Types of homemade wood pellet mill from GEMCO

Wood pellet mills are primary purchased for the use of making wood pellets that are used as an alternative to the commonly used fuels. The raw materials that are used to make these wooden pellets can be easily found in the home compound and recycled to be of use once again. It is possible to produce wood pellets from home by using a homemade wood pellet mill from GEMCO. GEMCO is one of the best companies that have made these types of pellet mills available in the market. The wooden pellets are able to use various raw materials thus converting what was thought to be waste into a form of energy.

When making a decision to buy a homemade wood pellet mill, it is good to note that these machines have been made available by GEMCO in different types. The homemade wood pellet mill is categorized according to the type of motor used, raw materials used and the amount of power needed to run the wood pellet mill effectively. The development of different types of the homemade wood pellet mill by GEMCO is so that their customers are assured that the process and final output from the machine is satisfactory.

The electric homemade wood pellet mill is one of the machines from GEMCO that is used to produce wooden pellets and are the most commonly used. This particular machine needs a steady workplace and abundant raw materials to operate well.  The diesel operated homemade mill is also another type of machine manufactured by GEMCO and is best used farms or even orchards where electricity operated machines may not be convenient.  For those who cannot guarantee a consistent supply of electricity or even diesel, then the best option is PTO homemade wood pellet mills which can be receive power support from a truck. The last type of wood pellet mill for home use is the one powered by gasoline which is quite easy to operate. Overall, all these homemade wood pellet mills are available in a variety of models  to meet the needs of their clients

Homemade pellets using sawdust pellet mill

As the need for new energy sources continue to increase worldwide, the number of people interested in pellet mill machines has also increased. The sawdust pellet mill is one of the types of machinery that is being embraced and used at home or even as part of a commercial venture that deals in pellets. Furthermore, industries that would normally use coal or other sources of energy to run their daily activities are slowly turning to sawdust pellets as an energy source. However, the larger numbers of people using pellet mills to make sawdust pellets are those at home and want to learn how to produce them.
sawdustssawdust pellet mill sawdust pellet
The production process of pellets using a sawdust pellet mill is quite simple as it involves a number of steps before having the final product in hand. The first step in the production of pellets from sawdust is to dry them completely until there is no moisture left in them. However, if the moisture content of the sawdust is low, approximately fifteen percent or below then it can directly be compressed in the sawdust pellet mill so that it can become solid in form.

The quality of the sawdust pellet mill is also important in the production of quality pellets as it is the main machine that compresses the sawdust into the pellets that can then be used as fuel. It is important to buy a pellet mill from manufacturing companies that are reputable and will be able to deliver quality products at a fair price. Many times, buyers of the sawdust pellet mill have fell victim to unscrupulous online sellers that sell them pellet mills that are suitable for making pellets used as an animal feed and not those that are able to produce pellets from sawdust.

How To Build a Wood Pellet Mill and Make Savings

When you build and use a wool pellet mill, you can get creative in heating your home and you are able to live in a simpler and eco-friendly way. Wood pellet mills are also good for processing food waste and edible plants for animals and humans to consume. While you can purchase wood pellet mills at stores, you can challenge your brain and feel a sense of accomplishment because of your hard work. The tools for building a wood pellet mill are inexpensive and can be found at most hardware and farm supplies stores.

Visit Farm Supplies Store

The first thing you should do is buy the supplies you need and a copy of a sample wood pellet mill plan. The plan helps you determine how the mill should be built and what the best methods are of customizing your pellet mill. If you need assistance on locating the supplies for the pellet mill, ask the salesperson. You should also read a few books on the topic before getting started.

Hire An Experienced Builder

If you are not skilled in building pellet mills, but you have the plan and supplies for the project, you should hire a builder who has many years of experience in building pellet mills. You should make sure you tell the builder how you want the pellet mill to be built so the project will be done properly. That is how to build a wood pellet mill today.

Consider Size of Mill You Want

Before you build a pellet mill you want to think about the size of the mill that you need for making wood pellets. If you are a small business owner, you will need to build a larger mill but if you are using a mill for household purposes, the pellet mill can be smaller.

How Does a Wood Pellet Machine Work?

One benefit of making wood pellets is that you can heat your home in an inexpensive and sustainable way. Wood pellets are great for emergencies because they help you stay warm during power outages that are caused by snowstorms and they help you become more self-sufficient in life, particularly if you live in a rural area that does not get adequate electricity or food supplies due to a low amount of supermarkets in that town.

wood pellet machine

Basics of Wood Pellet Machine Operations

A wood pellet machine is a tool that is responsible for mashing down chunks of wood into pellets that can be used for heating the fireplace and for other household tasks such as providing floors for a home or business. Wood pellet machines can also provide animal feed that would last for months when stored properly.

Processing of Pellet Ingredients

wood pellet machine work

When you gather your wood and other pellet ingredients, you will then place the mixture in the die section of the wood pellet machine. After you do this, the powdered pellet mix is pressed in the wood pellet machine and the machine’s cutter chops the pellet into small pieces.


When you use a wood pellet machine, you create bulk amounts of wood pellets for yourself, your family and those in your community who need alternatives to traditional heating. Wood pellet machines do not only have to be used for wood because many people process animal feed and even baby food with this machine. Wood pellet machines are readily available at most hardware stores and you can use them for years to come. Finally, wood pellet machines are not hard to operate and there are electric models available.

How to Enjoy Your Homemade Wood Pellets Machine

If you feel like getting creative at home while looking for a way to be self-sufficient, you can make a homemade wood pellets machine with a few simple tools and some help from others. It has become easier to accomplish thanks to books, magazines and blogs that teach you how to make homemade wood pellets machine. YouTube videos can also help you do this. Here are tips on making homemade wood pellet machines.


Initial Steps


The first thing you need to do is reduce large pieces of wood to much smaller pieces of wood with a drill or large hammer.  It should be the consistency of sawdust and after you do this you will take the sawdust and put it in a drying machine. After you do this you need to dry the sawdust until ten percent of moisture is left in it. Once you do this you will need to put the sawdust through the pellet mill and once the pellets are formed, you let them go through another drying process.


Benefits of Homemade Wood Pellets Machine

homemade wood pellet machine homemade wood pellets machine
When you create a homemade wood pellets machine, you get to use the wood pellets to heat your home in a safe way and it reduces the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning that often occurs when you use gas heaters. Also unlike the central heating, you use less energy and your utility bill does not increase greatly during the cold months. Because wood is always readily available, it is also a sustainable way to heat the home. Finally, a homemade wood pellets machine assists you in teaching children about simple living.

Make your own wood pellets stove fuel

A pellet fuel stove is a renewable and earth friendly fuel. This stove has been made specifically to burn pellets inside the stove and produce heat in the process. The cost of energy is rapidly increasing and this has made many people from all over to go and seek for other means of energy that are cheap. The pellets stove fuels are quite cheap, and many people from all over are now adapting to this new type of energy to heat their homes. You can use this kind of fuel either in wood or gas heater.

stove pellets However, you need to have a pellet stove, where you will be able to feed it automatically and slowly. If you are going to use a Pellet stove in your home, you need to know that the quality of fuel can vary and the main reason for this is that pellets are made from different raw materials. There are three main materials that are used to make pellets and they include wood, grass, and corn. Each of these raw materials has their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to know the quality of pellet fuel, you can do this by checking the ash and when you find that there is less ash, you should know that this definitely means the fuel is of good quality. If you have decided that you are going to use a pellet stove to heat you home; you need to know some important tips that will assist you to save more of your money, and make your own wood pellets stove fuel.

Many people are now discovering the pellet stoves and this means that a time will come when the pellet fuel will become a little bit scarce especially the wintertime. Therefore, you need to make sure you know how to make your own pellet fuel that can keep you warm even when situations are tight. For you to successfully make your very own pellets fuel, you need to make sure that you have a pellet mill and raw materials for making pellets fuel.

The mill is very important, for it is used in binding the materials you will use in making the pellets. The mill usually works in a process whereby the biomass you use through the dyes is compressed. If you do not have a mill, then you need to make sure you go and get one that usually goes for around $2,600. Several raw materials are very useful when it comes to making the pellet stove fuel.

wood pellets stove fuel

Some of these materials include paper, cardboard, wheat, shelled corn, barley star, corncobs, and different kinds of grass. When choosing your raw material, you have to make sure that the raw material you use is supposed to be the kind of fuel that your stove has been designed for. Therefore, you need to carefully, check the type of stove you have and then after you go and match it with the fuel and other requirements.

How to make a homemade wood pellet mills and save on energy costs

The cost of fuel is going up by the day and this is becoming too expensive for most people from all over. This has made many people to go and look or other means of fuel and one of the other means of energy are the wood pellets. One of the main advantages of the wood pellets is that you will be able to make them from your home. If you are able to make them from your home, you will be able to save so much money you would have wasted on other forms of energy.

If you are going to make your own homemade pellets, you need to make sure that you have your own homemade pellet mill. If you do not have a pellet mill, you might find it hard to make your own wood pellets. If you do not have your own pellet mill, then you need to make sure you know how to make a homemade wood pellet mill.
homemade wood pellets
For many it might seem quite impossible to make your own pellet mill, but it is very possible for you to make a pellet mill. If you have enough information on making pellet mills, you will find this process very easy and before you know it, you would have made your own pellet mill. Before deciding on anything concerning making your pellet mill, you need to make sure that you know each material needed and the cost of all the materials.

There are many materials needed in making a pellet mill and these materials have their different costs. Once you know the price of each material, you will be able to plan your budget and then know how you can go about getting these materials. After you have planned your budget and known how you are going to go about in getting the materials for your wood pellet mill, you should go and look at the instructions on how to make a pellet mill.
homemade pellet machine homemade wood pellet mill

Instructions are very important and once you have all the materials needed for making your pellet mill, you need to make sure to read all the instructions. If you miss a simple step in your instructions manual, you might not be successful in making your pellet mill. Therefore, you need to be careful and follow all the steps.

Apart from learning about the instructions involved in assembling the wood pellet, you will also need to know the different steps and process involved in making wood pellets. This is very important and you need to know the steps and processes if you are going to come up with good quality pellets to use in your home.

You need to learn everything without skipping any step and not being in a hurry. A homemade pellet mill is very easy to make as long as you have all the right steps and instructions, you will be good to go. After you have finished making your homemade pellet mill, you can begin using it to help you save energy.

Pellet Online

When you are looking for pellet online, you need to be so careful as to choose the right pellet supplier. Pellets have various uses; you could choose to use them as bedding for animals or as heating sources for stoves or boilers. It is a well known fact that not all suppliers are committed to provision of quality pellets online. Whenever you come across pellets that are cheap, you need to think twice before purchasing them because their price could be a total reflection of their poor quality. When you go ahead to purchase them simply because you think you would like to save, you will not be surprised that they will not give you the kind of returns that you wanted.
pellet online However, this does not mean that all suppliers that offer affordable pellets online are necessarily scammers who are out to rip you off. A number of them are using lower costs as a way of providing high quality pellet online products to as many consumers as possible. Sometimes it could be extremely hard to remain afloat and even sustain your company in business in the midst of business giants that have buttressed their roots in every corner of the market. As a prudent business strategy, some companies may choose to win customers using lower prices.

Grass Pellets

Grass Pellets When the idea of pellets was conceived, the inventor never imagined that people across the globe would explode with so many other ideas about this product. However, with passage of time, the cost of the various types of pellets that are available is gradually becoming unreachable by most consumers. This explains why scientists are doing research and tests in order to ensure that they diversify the product to the extent that consumers do not only have variety but pellets products that are affordable. The grass pellets are believed to be the latest low cost technology products that could remain dominant on the market for some time because their cost is friendly to all levels of consumers.

Grass Pellets1

The other good news about the grass pellets is the fact that they do not just come from one type of grass; they are manufactured from different species of grass. There is still more research to ensure that no stone is left unturned as far as grass pellets production is concerned. For example, Europe is producing grass pellets from the reed canary grass. There are also plans to start manufacturing stoves that will efficiently handle ash that arises from the grass pellets after burning and this is a step in the right direction.

Pellet Stove Parts

A number of people usually despise their pellet stoves once any of the pellet stove parts gets damaged. Probably what they have not discovered is that there are various websites that sell different kinds of pellet stove parts. It does not require you any energy to go online and navigate through this list so that you can identify the most suitable pellet stove part that you need. Though some people think that it will take them a lot of time searching the internet, it deserves mention that the time you will take looking for another pellet stove in order to replace the other damaged one could be more. You will also spend more money on another purchase as compared to purchasing pellet stove parts and replacing them on your old pellet stove.

Pellet Stove Parts
It is always advisable to look at the bigger picture. In this case, the option of buying pellet stove parts seems to be more cost effective. In fact people are being encouraged to repair their old stores so that they can minimize the cost of waste collection and management. Imagine of a scenario where you have to dispose your pellet stove each time it gets damaged. This means that you could fill your surrounding with pellet stoves and this is dangerous to the environment.