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Making leaf pellets in a leaf pellet mill to burn in a pellet stove

leaf pellet mill There is a variety of biomass that can be used to make pellets which can be burnt in pellet stoves, leaf pellet mill is essential when transforming fallen dried leaves into combustible pellets. The efficiency of the pellet stove makes it worthwhile than the old fashioned wood stove in that it is easier to operate. Note that leaf pellets can also be burnt at fire places to provide heat for your home during cold seasons. Leaves are sources of renewable energy that is not only easy to find but also quite economical. Before you gather dried up leaves and prepare them for transformation to pellets in the leaf pellet mill, it is important that you check them for complete dryness.

One of the signs of well dried leaves is that they should be crackly and crumble easily on your hand. If they aren’t portraying those signs, allow them to dry for a few days. Afterwards you can bring them together through raking then prepare the leaf pellet mill by starting it up. Note you need to allow the mill to run for a few minutes as this allows the metal die inside to heat up. You can then start putting chopped leaves into the hopper of the mill for compression.