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How To Build a Wood Pellet Mill and Make Savings

When you build and use a wool pellet mill, you can get creative in heating your home and you are able to live in a simpler and eco-friendly way. Wood pellet mills are also good for processing food waste and edible plants for animals and humans to consume. While you can purchase wood pellet mills at stores, you can challenge your brain and feel a sense of accomplishment because of your hard work. The tools for building a wood pellet mill are inexpensive and can be found at most hardware and farm supplies stores.

Visit Farm Supplies Store

The first thing you should do is buy the supplies you need and a copy of a sample wood pellet mill plan. The plan helps you determine how the mill should be built and what the best methods are of customizing your pellet mill. If you need assistance on locating the supplies for the pellet mill, ask the salesperson. You should also read a few books on the topic before getting started.

Hire An Experienced Builder

If you are not skilled in building pellet mills, but you have the plan and supplies for the project, you should hire a builder who has many years of experience in building pellet mills. You should make sure you tell the builder how you want the pellet mill to be built so the project will be done properly. That is how to build a wood pellet mill today.

Consider Size of Mill You Want

Before you build a pellet mill you want to think about the size of the mill that you need for making wood pellets. If you are a small business owner, you will need to build a larger mill but if you are using a mill for household purposes, the pellet mill can be smaller.

How Does a Wood Pellet Machine Work?

One benefit of making wood pellets is that you can heat your home in an inexpensive and sustainable way. Wood pellets are great for emergencies because they help you stay warm during power outages that are caused by snowstorms and they help you become more self-sufficient in life, particularly if you live in a rural area that does not get adequate electricity or food supplies due to a low amount of supermarkets in that town.

wood pellet machine

Basics of Wood Pellet Machine Operations

A wood pellet machine is a tool that is responsible for mashing down chunks of wood into pellets that can be used for heating the fireplace and for other household tasks such as providing floors for a home or business. Wood pellet machines can also provide animal feed that would last for months when stored properly.

Processing of Pellet Ingredients

wood pellet machine work

When you gather your wood and other pellet ingredients, you will then place the mixture in the die section of the wood pellet machine. After you do this, the powdered pellet mix is pressed in the wood pellet machine and the machine’s cutter chops the pellet into small pieces.


When you use a wood pellet machine, you create bulk amounts of wood pellets for yourself, your family and those in your community who need alternatives to traditional heating. Wood pellet machines do not only have to be used for wood because many people process animal feed and even baby food with this machine. Wood pellet machines are readily available at most hardware stores and you can use them for years to come. Finally, wood pellet machines are not hard to operate and there are electric models available.

How to Enjoy Your Homemade Wood Pellets Machine

If you feel like getting creative at home while looking for a way to be self-sufficient, you can make a homemade wood pellets machine with a few simple tools and some help from others. It has become easier to accomplish thanks to books, magazines and blogs that teach you how to make homemade wood pellets machine. YouTube videos can also help you do this. Here are tips on making homemade wood pellet machines.


Initial Steps


The first thing you need to do is reduce large pieces of wood to much smaller pieces of wood with a drill or large hammer.  It should be the consistency of sawdust and after you do this you will take the sawdust and put it in a drying machine. After you do this you need to dry the sawdust until ten percent of moisture is left in it. Once you do this you will need to put the sawdust through the pellet mill and once the pellets are formed, you let them go through another drying process.


Benefits of Homemade Wood Pellets Machine

homemade wood pellet machine homemade wood pellets machine
When you create a homemade wood pellets machine, you get to use the wood pellets to heat your home in a safe way and it reduces the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning that often occurs when you use gas heaters. Also unlike the central heating, you use less energy and your utility bill does not increase greatly during the cold months. Because wood is always readily available, it is also a sustainable way to heat the home. Finally, a homemade wood pellets machine assists you in teaching children about simple living.