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How To Make Your Own Pellets

Pellets are mostly made from wooden materials. There are a number that are constructed out of other kinds of materials, though wooden types are the most common. Pellets are quite useful in a number of ways ranging from fuel, to bedding for animals, to helping out with barbecue and grills. Industrial pellet mills are responsible for making these types of materials in bulk. However if you are a homeowner, you can successfully convert some of the materials in the home into pellets, as long as you know what to do. Once you have gathered the wood, you should proceed to reduce the size of each piece.

Next, you ought to proceed to heat the material you wish to convert into pellets as this will help to dry it all up properly. The content moisture ion the material should range between 10-20%. You may either leave the wood out in the open to dry naturally, or place it inside an industrial one which heats it up slowly until it attains the required levels of moisture content. Make the density, moisture and sizes of the wood uniform by feeding it into a batch mixer. A rolling drum should always be used with the batch mixer when you are working on making your own pellets for domestic or commercial purposes.

A pellet press is apt for producing small-sized pellets. If you are interested in large-sized pellets, you should work with a pellet mill. You should never start using the pellets, or selling them unless you have sieved them out to separate those which formed inappropriately from the others. While pressing the pellets, some will either fall apart or lose their shape. Once they emerge from the pressing process, you should cool them. Spread them out in the open so that they can cool naturally and dry. Store them in a nice and dry place to prevent them from getting moist yet again.

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