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A Guide on the Automatic Pellet Press

An automatic pellet press comes in different sizes each perfect for either domestic or commercial use. There are small pellet presses and large scale equipment. Their designs also vary each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Automatic pellet presses are more efficient and save on labor. It also has desirable features like being used for a varied number of applications and produce high oil yields leaving very little oil in the cake. Most of them also come equipped with a filter for the pressed oil, which results, to pure oil of very high quality that is safe and edible.

If you are out looking to buy an automatic pellet press, make sure you find one whose wearable parts such as the worms and pressing rings are made of a good durable material like carbon steel. This will make maintenance of your machine very easy and cheap especially keeping in mind that replacement parts do not come cheap. The machine you choose should also be very safe, convenient and easy to use. This will turn yours into a successful organization. Your chosen press should be a onetime investment and your ticket to long-term profits.

Choose a pellet machine, which has an electronically powered hydraulic system. They should also be fully programmable and controlled by a microprocessor. This makes them very easy to use because they can take repeated instructions. They produce a low noise, have a nice design and are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

It has many symbols and prompts to make their operation very easy for the user. It should be easy for you as the operator to maintain the load applied so an automatic feed would come in handy. Also, go for a machine that gives off an alarm when it completes a cycle.

Improved repeatability, better working environment as in less dust and noise and of course, better working conditions for the staff are some of the advantages of an automatic press over a manual press. With an automatic pellet press, you can achieve higher working efficiencies and shorter pelletizing time.