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How to Make Homemade Wood Pellet Mill

With the concern for saving our environment growing every day, there is need for people to use renewable energy such as wood pellets. A homemade wood pellet mill can be used to make the pellets at home. This renewable energy can be used to heat your home. All you will need is a wood pellet making machine and the right materials.

pellet machine

Use a wood chipping machine to cut the materials into small pieces, and then crush them into powder form using a hammer mill. You will also need to dry the crushed materials to remove excess moisture. If you put the wood chips in the stove while they are still wet they may refuse to burn well.


Once the woods chips are dry, you can go ahead and pelletize them. There are several types of machines that you can use to make homemade wood pellet mill, including a small pellet mill, ring die, diesel mill or flat die pellet mill. Do not forget to cool the pellets before storing them in order to reduce moisture content. The final step involves packing pellets that you intend to use in the future to keep them dry.

wood pellet mill

The process of making homemade wood pellet mill is very simple if you have the right machine and raw materials.

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