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Our diesel biomass pellet mill is also flat die designed, and especially made for home use and individual usage. It is driven by diesel engine and the die inside the machine is horizontal with a series of rollers above. When the biomass materials are put into the feeder of the diesel engine biomass pellet press, they will fall down into the area between the flat die and the rollers. The rollers will compress these materials into the small holes of the flat die to form pellets. Once the biomass pellets emerge on the other side of the flat die, a series of stationary knives will cut them into the same pre-determined length immediately. Thus, final biomass pellets are made.
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Technical Parameter of Diesel Biomass Pellet Mill

Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSP-150A 8 50-100 180/220 1000*500*750
ZLSP-200A 15 80-120 210/240 1460*750*900
ZLSP-230A 22 120-200 280/310 1560*850*1000
ZLSP-260A 30 160-250 330/360 1200*500*1070
ZLSP-300A 55 250-400 410/450 1220*600*1000

Video of Diesel Biomass Pellet Mill

Advantages of Diesel Biomass Pellet Mill

  • Driven by the diesel engine, this pellet mill is a good choice in the area where is short of electricity or electricity is expensive.
  • The diesel engine biomass pellet mill is equipped with clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its running speed.
  • The pellet mill also adopts the screw-center to adjust the pressure structure.
  • This diesel engine biomass pellet mill can press many different kinds of pellets via different models of pore diameter and various compression ratios.
  • Like other models of our pellet mills, this pellet press also engines the advantages of small size, simple design, compact structure, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance, low noise, and long service life.
flat die and roller

How to start the diesel biomass pellet mill?

Diesel Biomass Pellet Mill (without electric starter)
  • Turn on the speed controlling handle.
  • Insert the start crank into the hole of the start shaft. Then pres down decompression handle with the left hand, and roll the start crank with your right hand until you hear the normal diesel engine running sound.
  • Roll the start crank fast. Release the decompression handle quickly when the fly wheel gets enough power. Then roll the start crank continuously till the diesel engine is started.
  • When the diesel engine starts to run, pull back the start handle in time to stop the start crank dropping away from the start hole.
Diesel Biomass Pellet Mill (with electric starter)
  • Turn on the speed controller.
  • Turn the circuit key to the gear “I”, and then the starter is connected with the storage battery. Turn the circuit key to the gear “II”, and then the diesel engine starts.
  • After the diesel engine starts, turn the circuit key to the gear “I” again.

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