pto pellet mill

PTO pellet mill refers to a kind of small biomass pellet machine which can connect to a tractor using the power to operate the pellet mill. Obviously, this PTO pellet press is suitable for farmers to make own biomass pellets in the farm since tractor is widely used on the farm.
The raw materials of biomass pellets made by our PTO pellet mill has a wide variety: straw, rice husks, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, peanut shell, bagasse, alfalfa, cotton stalk, and forest waste, etc.
pto biomass pellet millpto biomass pellet mill working
The PTO pellet mill is powered by a PTO (Power Take Off) from a tractor. The pellet machine comes on with the PTO Shaft.

Technical Parameter of PTO Pellet Mill

Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSP-150P ≥ 8 50-100 90/110 900*540*1020
ZLSP-200P ≥ 15 80-120 130/150 1000*540*1020
ZLSP-230P ≥ 22 120-200 175/200 1000*540*1020
ZLSP-260P ≥ 30 160-250 235/255 1050*540*900
ZLSP-300P ≥ 55 250-400 305/325 1100*540*1000

Pellet Mill PTO Make Pellet With Your Tractor

Biomass Pellets

Biomass pellets are a refined and densified biomass fuel that is formed when wood residuals, rice husks, straw, and other biomass materials are compressed into a uniform shape, size and density, which are ideal for automatic combustion heating system such as pellet stoves and boilers. Besides, biomass pellets are also widely used in horse stable.

biomass pellets usagebiomass pellets usages

Compared with the traditional fuels like gas, fossil and oil, biomass pellets are much cheaper and release no harmful gas and less greenhouse gases. Besides, pellets are much easier and safer to transport and store. Moreover, their ash after burning can be used as fertilizers.

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