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The agricultural grinder, we also called pulverizer is a kind of agricultural machinery which can crush large size solid material to required size. The grinder can divided into biomass grinder and animal feed grinder. The biomass grinder can be used to crush various crops, straw, straw, branches, cotton stalks, corn straw, broken bean cakes, etc. It can also be used for grain grinding, wheat grinding, corn grinding and so on. The animal feed grinder can be used for animal feed material crushing, such as soybean meal, cotton meal, fish meal and other feed production. Common feed pulverizer as cattle feed grinder, corn grinder for chicken feed, etc.

The Classification of Agricultural Grinder

According to the working principle, agricultural grinder can be roughly divided into three categories: hammer grinder, counter-roller grinder and claw grinder.

Hammer Grinder

Hammer mill grinders

The working principle of the hammer grinder is to break the material entering the crushing chamber by the hammer which is running at high speed, so that the broken powder is sent out of the machine through the sieve hole under the centrifugal force of the rotor and the suction force of the fan. The powder particles passing through the sieve holes are in compliance with the pulverization requirements, and the large powder particles that do not meet the pulverization size requirements cannot pass through the screen. Under the action of centrifugal force, large powder particles return to the comminution chamber and repeat the comminution process until they can be sent out of the machine through the sieve hole.

Counter-roller Grinder

Counter roller grinder

The counter-roller grinder is a pulverizer that uses a pair of relatively rotating cylindrical grinding rolls to cut and grind biomass materials, and is mostly used in a wheat milling factory. In animal feed processing, it is generally used in the first step of the second crushing operation.

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Claw Grinder

The claw grinder is a machine that cuts biomass material using high-speed rotating claws. Since it is made into fine particles by chopping, the biomass particles have a smaller cross-sectional area and shorter particle fibers, and are mainly used for particle production of biomass pellet machines and animal feed pellet machines.
Claw grinder

How to Choose a Suitable Agricultural Grinder For Your Animal Feed Making and Farm Work

There are several factors to consider when choosing a biomass grinder that meets your needs. For example, what kind of raw materials need to be crushed, the output and energy consumption of the grinder, the power type of the biomass grinder, and the dust and noise of the feed grinder.

Choose agricultural grinder based on what kind of raw materials need to be crushed

Agricultural pulverized material
  • When the pretreatment raw material is grain feed, such as corn, sorghum, beans, or cotton straw, soybean straw, corn straw, peanut hull, weeds, branches and other biomass materials, hammer mill grinder can be selected. Hammer mill uses crushing method to crush materials. It has high productivity, less calorific value and less ash, and is more suitable for processing the above raw materials.
  • When the pretreatment raw materials are the materials based on the feed of bran, such as rice bran, wheat bran, barley bran, wheat bran, etc., the claw grinder can be selected. The advantage of the claw grinder is that it is crushed and the classification is completed once, which reduces the energy consumption caused by over-grinding.
  • When the pretreatment raw material is grain, such as wheat, barley, corn and other raw materials, counter-roller grinder can be selected. It has the advantages of high productivity, low power and easy adjustment.

Buy agricultural grinder according to output and energy consumption

The output range of GEMCO Biomass grinder and Feed grinder is between 200kg/h-800kg/h. Customers can choose different types of grinder models according to their own needs. For power type, GEMCO hammer grinder is divided into electric motor hammer mill grinder and diesel diesel hammer mill grinder. Among them, motor grinder supports power of 3-15kw, and diesel motor supports 15-30hp.

Technical Parameter of Hammer Mill with Electric Motor

Type Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
TFS-158 Three phase3 200-300 75/95 620*490*620
TFS-420 Three phase 7.5 300-600 285/310 1200*1000*1220
TFS-420A Three phase 11 300-600 310/330 1200*1000*1220
TFS-500 Three phase 11 600-800 420/440 2000*900*1700
TFS-500A Three phase 15 600-800 435/460 2000*900*1700

Technical Parameter of Hammer Mill with Diesel Engine

Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
TFS-420 15 300-600 355/385 1400*1000*1220
TFS-420A 22 300-600 380/400 1400*1000*1220
TFS-500 30 600-800 400/420 2000*900*1700

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