Application of Animal Feed Making Machine in Animal Breeding

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Animal feed making machine is a machine specially designed for animal feed making. Animal feed making machine with soybean meal, corn, fish meal, grain as raw materials, with a variety of nutritional additives, made into feed pellets. For different kinds of animals, we have specialized varieties of animal feed pellet machine, to accurately adapt to the breeding needs. It is suitable for cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, horses and various fish and birds feed pellet making. And because of its ease of use, the animal feed making machine has been more and more widely used in farmers. Next, there are several examples of different animal farmers for the animal feed making machine.

Electric Feed Pellet Mill for Fish Feed Pellet Making

  • Type of pellet mill: ZLSP-260B electric fish feed pellet machine
  • Output (kg/h): 160-250
  • Breed of animal: fish
  • Obvious effect: significant improvement of feed waste situation.
electric fish feed pellet machine

David has been raising fish for seven years. Making fish feed is one of his important tasks every day. He had also been worried about the low utilization of fish feed. The growth rate of fry is also affected. Later, he began to use the fish feed pellet machine to making fish feed. Animal feed making machine to bring him the deepest benefit is to reduce the waste of fish feed. Before buying a fish feed pellet machine, fish feed is fed in powder form. When powder feed is put into water, because of its dispersion, a large part of it will sink to the bottom of the pond, and only a small part will be eaten by fish. This is why the utilization of powdered feed is low. The fish feed made by the fish feed pellet machine is granular, and it is easier to be swallowed by fish when it is put into water. Pellet fish feed makes the delivery more precise, thus reducing the waste of fish feed.

Diesel Feed Pellet Mill for Cattle Feed Making

  • Type of pellet mill: ZLSP-300A diesel cattle feed pellet mill
  • Output (kg/h): 250-400
  • Breed of animal: cattle
  • Obvious effect: cattle feed is convenient to storage and transportation.
diesel cattle feed pellet mill

Straw and hay are the main feed sources for cattle. Hay is very easy to obtain in spring, summer and autumn, but winter forage feed needs to be stored in advance. Cattle feed made by cattle feed pellet mill can be easily stored so that even in the winter, cattle can eat forage. We also have the hay pellet mill which is specially used for processing hay. The hay feed pellets made by dry in and dry out principle can be stored for a long time and will not be moldy.

Gasoline Feed Pellet Mill for Chicken Feed Making

  • Type of pellet mill: ZLSP-150Q gasoline chicken feed making machine
  • Output (kg/h): 90-120
  • Breed of animal: chicken
  • Obvious effect: the chicken feed is easy to absorb and tastes good.

Gaber is a senior chicken famer for many years. In the daily chicken raising process, he found that ordinary chicken feed is very easy to cause indigestion of chickens. But after using chicken feed making machine, this problem is not occur. This is because in the process of passing through the chicken feed making machine, the raw material goes through high temperature treatment and becomes ripe, and at the same time produces enzymes that help digestion. As a result, when the chickens in battery cages were fed pellet feed, the indigestion disappeared, and they preferred the feed because it tasted so good.

Pto Feed Pellet Mill for Rabbit Feed Making

pto rabbit feed pellet mill

Gregory is a rex rabbit farmer. He told us that rex rabbit is a very valuable animal, but also very easy to get sick. In order to reduce the occurrence of sick rex rabbit, he chose to use the rabbit feed pellet mill to make rabbit feed. The rabbit feed pellet mill can reach more than 80 degrees during the operation, which can kill many harmful bacteria in the raw materials, thus avoiding the occurrence of diseases. He is happy to think that the feed made with the rabbit feed pellet mill is the best rabbit feed.

Animal feed making machine is widely used in many fields of animal breeding. If you need to buy an animal feed making machine, welcome to send enquiry to us.

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