Vertical Feed Mixer

Vertical Feed Mixer for Sale

Vertical Feed Mixer

Model: vertical feed mixer
Capacity: 1000-2000kg/h
Mixing time: 15-20min
Material suitable for this feed mixer: all kinds of feeds, chemical raw materials and cereals, etc.

The feed mixer is an important mechanical equipment used in the animal feed production process. Vertical feed mixer is a common small feed mixer often used in farms. In order to ensure the healthy growth of animals, pellet feed is made of a variety of raw materials mixed together and then pressed by animal feed making machine. Sometimes, micronutrients and vitamins will be added into the raw materials, so as to ensure the rich nutrition of pellet feed. At this point, you'll need a vertical feed mixer to mix the materials and mix them evenly.

Model Power Capacity Package Size
HLL500 2.2 1000 1930*600*1100
HLL1000 2.2 2000 2309*836*1200

Working Principle of Vertical Feed Mixer

working principle of the vertical feed mixer

The working principle of the vertical feed mixer is that the internal screw and the blade lift the material at the bottom of the barrel to the top by rotating. Then throw it from the top of the barrel and return it to the bottom. In this reciprocating cycle, the raw materials are tumbling up and down in the vertical feed mixer, and a large amount of raw materials can be uniformly mixed in a short time.

Advantages of Vertical Feed Mixer

Vertical feed mixer with good structure

Vertical feed mixer with good structureVertical feed mixer with good structure
  • Vertical feed mixer has simple structure, compact layout and small floor area.
  • All parts of the vertical feed mixer are fixed to the frame. The frame is welded with high quality carbon steel plate to ensure the stability of the machine operation.
  • When the vertical feed mixer is running, the driving wheel drives the main shaft to rotate, and the material is evenly turned in the mixing room. Materials can be fully mixed, thus greatly reducing the residual amount of materials.
  • Due to structural reasons, the vertical feed mixer can easily handle large bundles of feed material. Especially round or square bales.

Vertical feed mixer with good mixing effect

Vertical feed mixer with good mixing effectVertical feed mixer with good mixing effect
  • The feed mixed with the vertical feed mixer is soft and not easy to agglomerate. It is more conducive to follow-up feed pellet mill to make feed pellets or animal feeding directly.
  • Due to the uniform rotation speed of the shaft, the vertical feed mixer has little damage to the feed fiber structure. The integrity of feed fiber structure can maintain the nutritional content of feed for longer time.

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