1TPH Cattle Feed Plant Project In Uganda

Details of 1TPH Cattle Feed Plant Project In Uganda

Last week, the 1TPH cattle feed plant was commissioned and put into production in Uganda. Our customer is a cattle feed manufacturer from Uganda. Due to business requirements, they need an automatic cattle feed plant to produce cattle feed. GEMCO small cattle feed plant integrates feed mixing, feed transportation, feed pellet making, feed pellet cooling and packaging functions. The cattle feed plant has a high degree of automation, and only one worker is needed during cattle feed pellets production, which effectively saves labor costs and increases economic benefits. Our products meet all the needs of customers, customers finally choose to cooperate with us and order a cattle feed plant.

1TPH Cattle Feed Plant
cattle feed plant cattle feed plant
Storage bin and pellet mill
Vertical feed mixer
storage bin and pellet mill in cattle feed plant vertical mixer in cattle feed plant
Conveyor and cooler
hammer mill in cattle feed plant conveyor cooler  and pellet mill in cattle feed plant

Animal: cattle
Output: 1 ton per hour
Feed raw materials: grain straw power, grass power, soybean cake, corn bran, etc.
Granulating type: feed pellet
Small cattle feed machine and auxiliary equipment:

Device name Equipment number
Hammer mill 1
Vertical feed mixer 1
Storage bin 1
ZLSP-260B feed pellet mill 2
Conveyor 1
Feed pellet ooler 1
Pellet packaging machine 1

In addition to making cattle feed, cattle feed plant can also make a variety of livestock feed pellets, such as pig feed pellets, rabbit feed pellets and goat feed pellets. It only needs to change one or several equipment of the cattle feed plant according to different animal feeding needs. For example, in order to produce pellet feed with different diameters, only the grinding disc corresponding to the aperture in the pellet making machine needs to be replaced.
livestock feed pellets

Cattle Feed Plant and Livestock Feed Pellets Making

As we all know, pellet feed has more advantages than traditional cattle feed. About cattle and other livestock feeding, we should pay attention to nutritional diversification of feed, in order to meet the normal growth needs of livestock. Livestock feed not only needs to be rich in nutrition, but also to ensure that fresh, good taste, livestock like to eat. The raw materials are heated and compressed by the pellet making machine, and the prepared pellet feed has a smooth surface and is convenient for storage. Compression and heat treatment, so that the water and nutrients in the raw materials can be well preserved, taste better, livestock prefer to eat. This is why the use of pellet making machine to make livestock feed is becoming more and more popular among farmers all over the world.

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