Small Pellet Stove

GEMCO small pellet stove is a kind of new energy-saving environmental protection heating product. Mainly include insert small pellet stove and freestanding wood pellet stove. Small pellet stove uses biomass wood pellets as source energy, with exquisite design, easy operation, hot energy, clean and environmentally, very suitable for your home heating use.

GEMCO small pellet stove
small pellet stove

Why The Pellet Stove is Your Best Choice for Home Heating?

Fuel Use Low-cost Biomass Wood Pellets

Biomass pellet raw materials can mainly come from wood processing waste, furniture processing of wood shavings, also can be from straw, peanut shells, or pasture from farms. Wood pellets raw materials from nature, almost unlimited use, readily available. Due to the raw materials are desirable everywhere, usability is strong, if you have a homemade small pellet machine, then you can produce wood pellets, thus can be further reduces the fuel cost of wood pellet stove. Compared with the rising price of oil and natural gas fuel, your household wood pellet stove heating costs will be low.

Superior Performances of GEMCO Small Pellet Stove

  • Make you home clean and tidy
    GEMCO Small Pellet Stove’s burner is separated from the air supply system. There is special dust collection box that will not contaminate your home floor.
  • ensitive intelligence control system
    One-click open mode, simple menu structure, convenient operation. The intelligent temperature control operation system ensures the highest indoor heating comfort.
  • Thermal efficiency is high
    The wood pellet stove adopts vacuum fan, cleaning motor, super driving, high heat conversion rate, which is the ideal choice for low energy consumption heating.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
    Particle stove parts simple structure, under the guidance of the instructions, particularly easy to install, disassemble, to meet your heart to install.  
  • High security
    The wood pellet stove glass door is made of toughened hard glass, sturdy and durable. Small pellet stove body has high thermal performance to prevent unnecessary burns. Internal use of fully enclosed exhaust pipe to prevent waste from leaking pollution of the room air.

Wood Pellet Stoves for Sale

pellet stove menu
Pellet stove menu
small pellet stove feed port
Small pellet stove feed port
top of pellet stove
Top of pellet stove
pellet stove glass door
Pellet stove glass door
wood pellet stove air outlet
Wood pellet stove air outlet
pellet stove firebox
pellet stove firebox

Small Pellet Stove Insert

Small pellet stove insert model GC-33C is relates to a wall type particle furnace, which is a wall type fixing type.

Model 33C(pellet stove insert)
Maximum Kw 6880Kcal
Efficiency 80%
Fuel Wood pellet
Heating Coverage(m2) 60-80sqm / 640-860sqf
Venting Method Pipe Venting
Stove Core Size(mm) 785*775*550
Voltage(V) 220V
Power(W) 100W
Feature Auto-ignition, auto-input of fuel, forced vent
Product diamension 785x775x550mm
Carton Diamension 925x960x710mm
G.W/N.W.(KGS) 100.0/90.0KGS

Freestanding Wood Pellet Stove

Model 33B is freestanding wood pellet stove, can be placed according to your needs in any position in the room.

Model 33B(pellet stove freestanding)
Maximum Kw 6880Kcal
Efficiency 80%
Fuel Wood pellet
Heating Coverage(m2) 60-80sqm/640-860square feet
Venting Method Pipe Venting
Voltage(V) 220V
Power(W) 8KW
Product Dimension(WxHxD) 550*750*525mm
Carton Diamenstion 665x920x645mm
G.W./N.W. 100.0/90.0KGS

Safety Tips for Small Pellet Stove

  • Don't touch the glass door, when the pellet stove is operating, so as to avoid burns.
  • Please do not put explosive materials into the bunker, in case of explosion.
  • Please make sure the exhaust pipe is properly installed and sealed to prevent leakage of exhaust gas.
  • Do not pour your fingers into the vents, do not have obstruction near the vents, do not stack other items on the stove, when the stove is running.
  • Do not let the children get close to the stove.

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