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Use Wood Pellet Stove For Home Heating is Most Efficient

wood pellet stove for home heating

A furnace that uses compressed wood pellets as fuel and can be automatically fed, and which is continuously burned for a long time is called a wood pellet stove. The most common function of wood pellet stove is home heating. Comprehensive assessment is the most efficient pellet stove. It is a relatively complex mechatronic heating installation that includes multiple motors, fans, transmissions, boards and software systems.

Since the wood pellet stove uses wood pellets as a fuel, the wood pellets are renewable energy sources, low in carbon, low in particulate matter after combustion, and low in cost of use. Based on these advantages, people in Europe and even around the world generally use wood pellet stove for home heating.

most efficient pellet stove
Model: XY-33-Ⅰ XY-33-Ⅲ
Dimension (mm) 490*480*940 490*480*940
Packing size(mm) 560*550*1100 560*550*1100
Gross weight(kg) 120 120
Thermal power(kw) 9 14
Heating area(㎡) 60 100
Thermal efficiency 85% 85%
Hopper capacity(kg) 22 22
Max.consumption of fuel(kg) 2.0 3.2
Min.consumption of fuel(kg) 0.7 0.7
Dia. of the pipe(mm) 75 75

It’s Easy to Get Wood Pellets For Wood Pellet Stove

As the most efficient pellet stove, the wood pellet fuel required is very easy to obtain. Waste wood and wood chips can be used as raw materials for wood pellets making, with a wood homemade pellet mill can be used to produce wood pellet fuel. Of course, there are many manufacturers of wood pellets on the market, you can buy finished wood pellets very easily, and the price is very affordable. After when you have wood pellets fuel in hand, you only need two steps to use wood pellet stove for home heating. The first step is to put the wood pellets in the furnace feed bin, and the step two is turn on the wood pellet stove. After the stove is started, and soon your home will be so warm. What a most efficient pellet stove.

Wood pellet fuel

How do Wood Pellet Stoves Make Heating Most Efficient?

The raw wood of wood pellets needs to be sufficiently dried before processing to keep the moisture content below 20%. High-quality wood pellet fuel does not generate a lot of smoke during the combustion process, and it can keep the home environment clean and tidy. After high-tech technological improvement, the wood pellet stove can make the compressed wood pellets burn sufficiently, so that the combustion thermal efficiency can reach more than 80%. As the most efficient pellet stove, it can fully burn particulate fuel, maximize the use of heat contained in wood pellets, and effectively reduce waste emissions.

 working principle of wood pellet stove heating

The working principle of wood pellet stove heating is thermal radiation. The form of heat transfer is like the sun, radiating outward from the stove. After the actual measurement, the internal temperature of the wood pellet stove can reach 350-400 °C. The temperature spreads out in a fan shape and is transferred to the heat through the air medium and gradually weakens. After achieving stable thermal performance, the indoor ambient temperature can be maintained in the range of 22-28 °C. The heat radiation conducted by the wood pellet stove can effectively promote indoor air convection, adjust the indoor dry humidity, and provide you with a comfortable living environment.

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