Horizontal Feed Mixer

Horizontal Feed Mixer

Model: horizontal feed mixer
Capacity: 600-4000kg/h
Mixing time: 10-15min
Material suitable for this feed mixer: suitable for all kinds of feed materials, coatings, dry powder and chemical materials

The horizontal feed mixer is a kind of feed mixer that is often used in feed farms and feed factories nowadays. The application of horizontal feed mixer solves the problem of uneven mixing of artificially processed feed and greatly improves the feed production efficiency. The horizontal mixer is an indispensable tool in the process of feed making.

Model Power Capacity Package Size
HLW150 1.5 600 1930*600*1100
HLW250 4 1000 2309*836*1200
HLW500 7.5 2000 2974*910*1400
HLW1000 15 4000 3480*1260*1800

Main Structure Specifications of Horizontal Feed Mixer

Unlike vertical feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer adopts horizontal box structure. The main structure of the horizontal feed mixer includes the material box, the auger and its spiral blades, the power system and the discharge channel.

Horizontal feed mixer material box structure

The material box is one of the main accessories of the small feed mixer. Whether the structure design of material box is reasonable directly affects the density and uniformity of feed mixture. The inner wall of the material box is designed with a certain inclination Angle, which makes it difficult for the material to adhere to the inner wall of the material box during the mixing flow of the material box body, thus ensuring the consistency of the mixed material.

Horizontal feed mixer auger and its spiral blades structure

Main Structure Specifications of Horizontal Feed MixerMain Structure Specifications of Horizontal Feed Mixer

For horizontal feed mixer, the structure of its core component auger is the key to affect the quality of feed mixture. In the mixing and stirring process, the material is not only required to turn up and down, but also to do axial movement. The design of our horizontal feed mixer auger and blade adopts precise mechanism parameters to make the material even in the process of movement.

The power system of horizontal feed mixer

Compared with vertical feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer has larger power range. The horizontal feed mixer is equipped with a power system of 1.5-15 kw depending on the output. Ensure the output of the small feed mixer can reach 600-4000 kg/h.

Horizontal feed mixer discharge channel design

The discharge channel is composed of hydraulic cylinder, fixed support, connected support and sliding discharge baffle. The discharging sliding baffle is installed on the reciprocating motion axle of the hydraulic cylinder. The discharging baffle can be opened or closed at will through the control valve. The control of the feed output can be realized by the size of the opening of the material inlet.

The Working Principle of Horizontal Feed Mixer

The feed materials enter the material box of the horizontal feed mixer, and as the motor starts, the auger drives the blades to start rotating. The blades with a certain angle turn and stir the materials in a radial cycle along the axial direction, making the materials mix evenly and quickly.
Working Principle of Horizontal Feed MixerWorking Principle of Horizontal Feed Mixer

The rotation speed of the auger driven by the motor of the feed mixer and the structure of the blade will reduce the gravity of the materials. With the lack of gravity, the large difference in particle size and specific gravity of each material is ignored in the feed mixing process. The intense stirring movement shortens the time of a feed mixing, which is faster and more efficient. The horizontal feed mixer has high mixing uniformity and low residual amount, and is suitable for mixing two or more materials and additives. In addition to being used for mixed feeds, horizontal feed mixers are also suitable for use in coatings, dry powders, chemicals industry, etc. It is used to mix various dry powder measurements in proportion.

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