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The appearance of biomass pellet brings people the expectation of blue sky and white cloud in the future, and also worries about its development prospect. The incomplete combustion of biomass fuel is an important problem that hinders the development of biomass pellet fuel. But the call for environmental protection can no longer stop the pace of human progress, advanced technology will break through the obstacles, scientists will invent and create new things for the future of mankind.

Data show that in developed countries, for example, in the United States, Sweden and Austria, biomass energy applications account for 4 percent, 16 percent and 10 percent of the country's one-off energy consumption, respectively. In the United States, the total installed capacity of biomass power generation has exceeded 10, 000 MW, with a single capacity of 10 ~ 25 MW. Home use of biomass fuel heating furnace is also very popular.
development of biomass pellet fuel

After drawing lessons from the advanced technology of developed countries, the relevant experts and technicians of our country have fully studied and analyzed the combustion dynamics characteristics of biomass pellet fuel, aiming at the characteristics of high volatile content and low burning point of biomass fuel. The gasification and combustion of biomass pellet fuel were studied and designed.

After drawing lessons from the advanced technology of developed countries, the relevant experts and technicians of our country have fully studied and analyzed the combustion dynamics characteristics of biomass pellet fuel, aiming at the characteristics of high volatile content and low burning point of biomass fuel. The gasification and combustion of biomass pellet fuel were studied and designed.

As a supporting combustion facility of biomass cold pellet fuel processing equipment system, the furnace adopts gasification combustion technology, which is simple to operate, easy to ignite, high firepower intensity and easy to control, and has high thermal efficiency. It is only necessary to put the proper amount of pellet fuel into the hopper at one time, and when burning, adjust the amount of fuel dropped with the attached knob, thereby regulating the size of the firepower. The burning state is exactly the same as the burning of raw materials such as straw and wood. It is smokeless and odorless.

As a result of full burning, there is basically no ash. The use is similar to coal-burning stoves, but cleaner than coal-burning stoves and safer than gas stoves. It provides a green consumption mode of environmental protection, economy and safety for urban, rural and industrial energy. It is a new generation product of saving firewood stoves and coal stoves. It is widely used for cooking energy in rural areas.

The economic benefit of biomass pellet fuel cooking furnace is obvious. After harvesting their crops, farmers sell the remaining crop stalks, fuelwood, forest processing residues, municipal solid waste, animal manure and energy crops to manufacturers, who produce biomass pellets. Biomass pellets are again used by people. Turn waste into treasure, save energy and protect environment.

Performance of Enterprises

Compared with other similar products, biomass pellet cooking furnace has relatively simple production process and less investment. For enterprises with existing production bases for furnaces, it is not necessary to add other special equipment, but only to produce according to drawings and prescribed production processes. The circulating funds of the spare parts of the materials used can be put into the production of biomass pellet fuel cooking stoves. The cost of each unit is only 200~300 yuan, and the profit is considerable.
The production of biomass pellet fuel

The production of biomass pellet fuel is mainly to recover all kinds of biomass straw from farmers' farmland and comminute it. Then biomass pellet molding machine is used to make biomass pellet fuel which is sold to farmers for cooking. If an enterprise produces 10 tons of biomass molding pellets a day, the annual output can reach 3600 tons, the recovery price of biomass straw is 0.2 yuan per kilogram, and the selling price of biomass pellets is 0.5 yuan per kilogram, deducting the expenses of electricity, worker's wages, equipment depreciation, etc. The average profit per kilogram biomass pellets burn 0. 1 yuan, the annual net profit can reach 3.6 million yuan.

User Income

Rural traditional old-fashioned cooker, the total efficiency of 12-15%. Because of incomplete combustion, heavy smoke, low firepower and low heat transfer efficiency, this efficiency is only about 12%. The total efficiency of cooking furnace with biomass pellet fuel is 30%~40%, which can save materials 2-3 times.

According to statistics, the annual production of straw and firewood can reach 6000kg per farmer in our country. According to the current market average price of 0.2yuan / kg for sale, the annual income can be 1200 yuan. The actual daily consumption of biomass pellet stove is about 5 kg biomass pellet fuel, which needs 0.5 Yuan / kg × 5kg=2.5 yuan per day and 900 yuan per year. Compared with the traditional cookstoves in rural areas, it can save nearly 300 yuan per year.

Compared with Coal-fired Furnace

According to statistics, the daily energy consumption of 10kg coal is required for every peasant household in our country. Based on the current average market price of coal at 360 yuan / t, the daily cost of burning coal is 3.6 yuan. But the biomass pellet fuel stove, the actual daily consumption (5 kg biomass pellet fuel for three meals) is 0.5 yuan / kg × 5kg=2.5 yuan per day, and it can save nearly 400 yuan per year.

Compared with LPG benefits

The most intuitive advantage of using biomass pellet stove is to save money. If the average price of a tank of liquefied petroleum gas is 75 yuan / can, the daily cost of LPG is 3.5 yuan. If the biomass pellet stove is used, the actual daily consumption (three meals and five kg biomass pellet fuel) is 0.5 yuan / kg × 5kg=2.5 yuan per day, and it can save nearly 360RMB yuan per year. It is clear from all above that the operation cost and economic benefit of using biomass pellet fuel cooker are much lower than those of other conventional energy products.
biomass pellet energy stove

Biomass pellet fuel stove has high efficiency. The average household needs only 4 kg biomass pellet fuel per day to meet the daily needs, which improves the living conditions of farmers and enables the kitchen to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. After popularizing the products in rural areas, the emission of smoke and dust can be reduced by 90%, and the air can be purified. During the combustion of biomass pellet, the main pollutants emitted are soot, SO2, NOx and CO2.

Agricultural and forestry biomass pellet fuel is a solid waste material, such as corn rod, wheat straw, peanut shell, corncob, cotton pole, soybean rod, weed, branch, leaf, sawdust, bark, etc., which has been crushed, pressurized, densified and shaped. Become a small rod-shaped pellet fuel. The density of biomass raw materials in agriculture and forestry is generally about 130kg/m3. The main properties of the moulded pellets are: calorific value > 4500-4800kcal/kg, length 1010mm, cylindricalφ6-8mm, density > 1.1-1.3 t/m3, water ≤ 8.0, ash ≤ 2, water ≤ 8, combustion rate ≥ 98, thermal efficiency ≥ 81, smoke blackness (Lingman grade) < 1, dust concentration ≤ 80 mg / m3. Its volume is 1 / 30 to 40 of the volume of raw materials, and its specific gravity is 10-15 times of that of raw materials (density: 0.8-1.4). It has the advantages of good combustion resistance, high calorific value, good combustion, low cost, convenient use, clean and sanitary, etc. It can replace firewood, raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas and so on. It can be widely used in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, but also can be used in the production of biogas, fertilizer, feed, wood-based panels, insulation boards, catering equipment, seedling bowl and so on.

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