How To Buy High-Quality Biomass Pellet Fuels

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How To Buy High-Quality Biomass Pellet Fuels
Biomass pellet fuel is a granular environment-friendly fuel made from biomass feedstock compressed by biomass pellet press. As an ordinary consumer, how to buy high-quality biomass pellet fuels? In order to buy high quality biomass pellet fuels, we first need to know what kind of fuel can be called high quality biofuel pellets. Here is how to determine the quality of biomass pellet fuel from several aspects.

The Main Characteristic of High-Quality Biofuel Pellet is Durability

Durability is an important performance index for evaluating the quality of biomass briquette fuel. The durability of biomass briquette affects the packaging, transportation and storage performance of biomass briquette fuels. The durability of biomass pellet fuels includes several indicators such as crush resistance, deformation resistance, water resistance and moisture absorption resistance.

Crush resistance

The crush resistance mainly reflects the ability of biomass fuel to withstand a certain amount of fall and roll collision during the transportation process. This characteristic reflects the transportation requirements of biofuel pellets under practical conditions. During the transportation or movement of biofuel pellets, some weight will be lost due to falling down. The remaining percentage of mass behind the falling down of the molding fuel reflects the size of the product's crush resistance.
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The test of the shattering resistance of the biomass briquette fuels are based on the method of determining the crushing strength of the coal. The biomass fuel briquettes with a length of 60 to 100mm fall freely from the height of 2m to the hard floor. Then, the biomass fuel briquette greater than 25mm in the dropped biomass fuel briquettes will be dropped again for a total of three times. The crushing strength of the biomass fuel briquette is expressed by the percentage of the mass of the original biomass fuel briquette that is greater than 25mm after crushing.

Deformation resistance

The anti-deformation property mainly reflects the ability of biomass fuel to resist cracking under external pressure, and determines the use and stacking requirements of biomass fuel. When the biofuel pellets are piled up, they should bear certain pressure, and their bearing capacity reflect the anti-deformation capability of biomass pellet fuel.

Water resistance and moisture absorption resistance

Water permeability resistance, moisture resistance, respectively, reflect the ability of water seepage of biomass shaped fuel and the ability to absorb moisture in the air, the weight percentage reflects the size of the moisture resistance, determines the straw pellets storage performance.
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The way to test both properties is to put the biofuel pellets in a closed environment with a relative humidity of 100% and observe its quality change. In the preliminary test, it has good deformation resistance and moisture absorption resistance to the formed fuel pellets with good relaxation density. When the molding fuel pellet is piled about 2.5 meters high, the forming fuel pellet at the bottom does not deform, and it is found to have strong anti-deformation capability in the test of mechanical performance test machine.

Consider the above factors before you go and buy biomass pellet fuels, that will be very helpful to you.

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