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What Is The Plastic Pellets Making Machine

The plastic pellets making machine is a device that used to recycle and process waste plastics and make recycled plastic pellets. It is suitable for recycling common waste plastic products such as polyethylene (plastic film, beverage bottles, plastic bags, etc.) or polypropylene (waste woven bags, packing bags, tied ropes, etc.). Recycled plastic pellets can be produced through major steps such as extrusion, cooling, and pelletizing. The processed plastic pellets have a wide range of uses and can produce higher benefits.

How To Make Recycled Plastic Pellets?

How to make recycled palstic pellets

Waste plastic materials are needed

The recycled pellets raw materials are mainly plastic waste, agricultural greenhouse film, convenient bag, cement bag, food packaging bag, woven bag, beverage bottle, plastic basin, plastic bucket, toy, sandal, vehicle bumper, household appliance shell, etc. They are all high-quality raw materials for recycled pellets. With raw materials, how to make recycled plastic pellets?

A plastic pellets making machine is needed

How to make recycled plastic pellets? A ZLSLG300B plastic pellets making machine is indispensable.

Type Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSLG300B 22 600-800 305/325 1350*560*1130

Recycled plastic pellet making auxiliary equipment

Before granulation, a crusher is needed to crush the plastic waste into 2-3mm size to make it meet the requirements of entering the plastic pellets making machine. If you need to process more raw materials, but also need to be equipped with a feeder.

recycled plastic pellet raw materials

The Process Of How To Make Recycled Plastic Pellets

Clean the materials

Since the raw material comes from discarded plastic products, it is inevitable that there will be residual pollutants, so the raw material needs to be cleaned before making recycled plastic pellets.

Crushing raw materials

Clean plastic raw materials need to be crushed by crusher to meet the processing standard of plastic pellets making machine.

Plastic pellet mill granulation

The waste plastic is crushed by a crusher and sent to the feeder by an automatic hoist and then feeder feeds the material into the plastic pellets making machine. After entering the plastic pellet mill, the material is mixed and re-plasticized under the action of compression and external heating of the screw. With the increasing of temperature and pressure, it presents a viscous flow state and is pushed to the head part by certain pressure. Finally, the plasticizer is cut into pellets by a cutter.

The Process Of How To Make Recycled Plastic Pellets

Plastic pellets cooling and packaging

As the temperature of the formed recycled plastic pellets by the plastic pellets making machine is still very high, it needs to be cooled through the cooling system. After cooling to normal temperature, it can be packaged with the packaging machine.

The above is the press of how to make recycled plastic pellets. Waste plastics can be made into recycled plastic pellets through plastic pellets making machine, which can not only reduce the pollution of plastic waste to the environment, but also create huge economic benefits. So it's a very worthwhile business to invest in.

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