Analysis On The Reason Of Pellet Press Substandard Output

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Pellet press is sometimes unable to discharge or difficult discharge resulting in the low output, which makes many inexperienced users do not know how to deal with the occurrence of these situations. Generally speaking, there are two reasons that affect the discharge problem or the output substandard problem. One is that the machine itself did not adjust well, and the other is that the material of pressing particles is not well matched.
pellet press output

The Main Reason for the Low Output of Pellet Press

  1. If a new ring mold is used, check first whether the compression ratio of the ring mold matches the raw material. The compression ratio of ring mould is too large, the resistance of the powder through the mould hole is too high, the particle is too hard and the yield is low. The compression ratio of annular mould is too small, and the particles are not formed when being pressed out. The compression ratio of annular mould must be selected again to check the smoothness of the inner hole of annular mould and whether the annular mould is out-of-round. Due to rough internal holes of the circular mould and circular mould round, low-quality circular mould has great discharge resistance, non-smooth particles, difficult discharge and lower output. Therefore, high-quality circular mould must be used.
  2. If the pellet press ring die is used for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether the cone hole in the ring die is worn and whether the roller is worn. If the wear is serious, the ring die can be machined and repaired, the worn cone hole can be re-tapped, and the roller wear must be replaced. The wear of annular cone bore has great influence on the pellet press output.
    Ring die of pellet press
  3. The gap between the ring die and the roller should be adjusted correctly, and the normal spacing between livestock and poultry is about 0.5mm. Too small spacing will make the roller friction ring die, shorten the service life of the ring die, too large spacing will cause the roller skidding, so that the output will be reduced.
  4. Pay attention to quality and time of raw material conditioning. In particular, control the moisture content of raw materials before entering the pellet press. The water content of the raw material is generally 13% before the modulation. If the water content is too high, the moisture content of the raw material after the modulation is too high (the moisture content is greater than or equal to 20%), there will be skidding in the mold, which makes it difficult to discharge.

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