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If you have a straw pellet machine or a straw briquette machine, you can make agriculture waste straw use more effectively so easy. Don't believe it? Let’s go and see.

Straw is one of the commonly agriculture waste, usually refers to the remaining stems and leaves of wheat, rice, corn, rape, cotton, sugar cane and other crops after harvesting fruits and seeds. More than half of the products of crop photosynthesis exist in straw. Straw is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and organic matter. It is a kind of renewable biological resources with many uses. So, what are the new ways of using straw more effectively?
agriculture waste straw

What Are The Effective Ways To Make Use of Straw? Of Course, Buy a Straw Pellet Machine.

Firstly, use straw pellet machine making biomass pellet fuel

You can buy a straw pellet machine at a reasonable price so that you can produce straw pellets fuel at home or on your small farm anytime and anywhere. Straw pellet machine is a kind of equipment which is very convenient to produce biomass pellet fuel. The straw is crushed under the length of 50mm, and be sent into the straw pellet machine from the feeding port. Through the straw pellet machine and eventually becomes the straw pellets. This kind of straw pellet fuel is used for small special boilers in hotels, restaurants and bathing places, which can save about half of the cost compared with oil, steam and other fuels. Moreover, this kind of biomass fuel does not produce sulfur dioxide when burning, does not pollute the urban environment and air, and has been widely promoted and used in various industries.

Secondly, use straw pellet machine produce animal feed pellets

Straw is also a good feed material, especially those with moisture and sugar content, such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, etc. Use a feed pellet machine to mix the comminuted corn stover and wheat straw, or mix it with the nutrients and other raw materials (For example, forage grass and nutrients can be added in the cattle feed, and green vegetables and nutrients can be added in the rabbit feed) needed to raise the animals. The feed pellets made by feed pellet mechanism are cooked and processed, and the mouthfeel of livestock is better, which is more suitable for the absorption of livestock digestive system.

Finally, straw can also be compressed into coal for human use by straw briquette machine

straw briquette machine

The corn, wheat, peanut and other crop straw were used as raw materials. After crushing, though pressing and thickening by the straw briquette machine to be straw briquettes, and then carbonized, which turned into "straw coal" carbon bar. It has the advantages of great ratio, high calorific value, good combustion, low cost, convenient use, clean and sanitary and so on. It is convenient for storage and transportation. It can replace firewood, coal, natural gas and liquefied gas. It can also be used in industrial boilers in addition to living stove and heating furnace.

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