Advantages Analysis Of Wood Pellet Fuel To Replace Petroleum And Gas

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Since the global petroleum crisis in the 1970s, the development and utilization of renewable energy has received increasing attention. Wood pellet fuel is an important renewable energy source. Among the current world energy consumption, wood pellet fuel ranks fourth only to petroleum, natural gas and coal. Wood pellets and straw pellets are collectively referred to as biomass pellets and are important wood pellet fuel sources. Wood pellet fuel’s total CO2 emission is zero and SO2 emission is almost zero in the whole process of production and use. So the wood pellet fuel is a truly environmentally friendly renewable energy source, and the convenience of using wood pellets can be comparable to traditional fuels such as gas and petroleum. In Europe and the United States, wood pellet fuel has been industrialized on a large scale, and its application covers all industries, heating, civil boilers and civil stove ranges.
wood pellet fuel

Traditional Energy Supply Affected by Many Factors

The terminal consumption cost of conventional energy is greatly changed by the energy supply situation in the international market, especially for petrochemical products. Due to the influence of various factors, the traditional energy price and supply capacity are in an unstable state. At the same time, the cost of these energy sources is increasing.
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Cost Analysis of Wood Pellet Fuel

Taking a typical hot water boiler as an example, analyze the comprehensive operating costs and benefits of wood pellet fuel as an alternative fuel in practical applications. A hotel uses a hot water boiler to provide hot water, analyze the actual operating cost of the boiler under different fuel conditions, and calculate the unit heat energy operating cost and annual operating cost.

Wood pellet fuel

The price of 0.7MW wood pellet fuel boiler is about RMB 170,000 yuan, plus about RMB 50,000 yuan for automatic feeding and the warehouse system, with a total cost of RMB 220,000 yuan. The power consumption is 18KW and the thermal efficiency is 90%.
Benefits of wood pellet fuel

Oil fuel

The main engine and auxiliary machine of 0.7 MW thermal power oil-fired hot water boiler cost about RMB 150,000 yuan, while the price of daily oil tank, spare oil storage irrigation and pipeline road is about RMB 15,000 yuan, about RMB 165,000 yuan in total. The power consumption is 8KW and the thermal efficiency is 90%.

Natural gas fuel

The price of the 0.7MW thermal power natural gas hot water boiler main engine and auxiliary machine is about RMB 150,000 yuan. The power consumption is 7KW and the thermal efficiency is 90%. The natural gas pipeline leads directly to the boiler and does not require a fuel storage system.

The boiler can meet the heating requirements by accumulating 8 hours of full load per day and the electricity price is 0.6 yuan • KWh-1. The average calorific value of wood pellet fuel was 17.60MJ• kg-1 and the unit price was 640 yuan •t-1. Fuel oil adopts 0# fuel light oil with heat value of 41.03MJ• kg-1, unit price of 7200 yuan •t-1. Natural gas calorific value is 36MJ•m-3, unit price is 3.6 yuan • nm-3.The fuel freight is 100 yuan • ton-1.

According to the above analysis, in the field of civil and industrial boilers, the comprehensive operation cost of wood pellet fuel is 31.42% of fuel oil and 55.83% of gas. Therefore, the economic benefits of biomass particle fuel replacing fuel and gas are obvious.

With the mature technology of wood pellet machine, the cost of granulation is decreasing

wood pellet fuel equipment

With the technology of wood pellet fuel equipment such as wood pellet machine becoming mature day by day, the service life of machine parts increases, the loss rate of machine is reduced, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Invisibly, it also reduces the cost of wood pellets, making the economic benefits of wood pellet fuel more prominent. Compared with oil fuel, gas and other fuels, it is more competitive in the market.

Through the above advantages analysis of the wood pellet fuel, it can be seen that in large and medium-sized cities or tourist areas with high environmental protection requirements, the promotion of such wood pellets will generate huge economic and environmental benefits.

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